Tom Crick

Photo: Tom

Me and my Work: I research how to make next-generation microprocessors run more efficiently, as well as teaching my university students programming and mathematics.

Status: Chromium Zone 2011 winner! Thank you everyone!

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Tim Millar

Photo: Tim

Me and my Work: I am a research scientist and lecturer trying to discover what happens when cancer cells spread around the body through the blood vessels and how we can try and stop it happening.

Status: Oh well, good luck Tom and Sarah

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Sarah Thomas

Photo: Sarah

Me and my Work: I’m studying Cancer and how it grows, and working towards a diagnostic blood test that will help us detect it in the early stages.

Status: would like to thank everybody that has given me votes so far - I really appreciate it!

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Derek McKay-Bukowski

Photo: Derek

Me and my Work: I build radio telescopes which are used explore our atmosphere, the solar system and deep space.


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Dalya Soond

Photo: Dalya

Me and my Work: Indulge my curiosity and amazement about Nature by designing crafty experiments to see how it all works.

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