• Question: hello can u give me some revision tips for my end of year exams plz

    Asked by amisazaman to Dalya, Derek, Sarah, Tim, Tom on 19 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Tim Millar

      Tim Millar answered on 10 Jun 2011:

      Practice, read, practice again. I like to draw pictures as I learn through a visual way, using lots of colour. Some people like to do practice questions or using little rhymes. Getting together with friends is good to and you test each other by making up questions where you know the answer and you mark your friends work, then they do it for you. This can be a fun way to do it and I know our medical students do a lot of this practice together

    • Photo: Sarah Thomas

      Sarah Thomas answered on 10 Jun 2011:

      Make a study timetable cos I know it can be hard when you have a lot of exams. Make a calendar with the dates of your exams on it and write on each day what subject you are going to study. Then tick off each day once you’ve done it and you will feel so good about yourself. If you can, try and take a day off now and then cos you’ll feel so much better. And take breaks! Take a little break every hour for 10 mins and then take an hour long break if you hit 3 hours studying.

      Make yourself motivational music playlists to study to like the soundtracks from the Rocky films (Eye of the Tiger and Survivor!!) but what ever you do, DON’T PUT THE TV ON cos it will distract you more than you realise. And stay off facebook and messenger – keep that for your breaks!

      Good luck! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Photo: Derek McKay-Bukowski

      Derek McKay-Bukowski answered on 11 Jun 2011:

      Don’t leave it to the last minute!

      Remember that it is “revision”, not “learning” for your exams. Make a point of learning and revising all the way through the year, so that it is not a big task to be done just before the test. Apart from avoiding quite so much stress, it will also give you a better chance of remembering it in the long term.

      Also, don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help. Apart from getting things explained, it may just be that your friends also didn’t understand a particular topic. This might make the teacher think about covering it again… especially if it is important to the final test.

    • Photo: Dalya Soond

      Dalya Soond answered on 11 Jun 2011:

      I agree with everything everyone else has answered. But I will also add that a bit of self-evaluation works wonders.
      Ask yourself how you learn best (and be completely honest with yourself, don’t say I learn best at 1am with the music blaring, the TV on in the backgroundwhile giving myself breaks every 10 minutes on Facebook.) Do you process information by hearing it? Revise while talking out loud. Do you need to draw things or read them? Do you need to use your whole body to get the info in? I used to tutor a girl like that and we used to come up with dances for everything. She had a different dance for all parts of her multiplication table and if she got stuck on a exam -or ‘in real life’ -she would just think of the dance, maybe move her feet under her desk where nobody could notice, and that helped her remember.
      Everybody’s brains are wired differently…actually physically different, so it’s best to understand which way your brain works best.

    • Photo: Tom Crick

      Tom Crick answered on 19 Jun 2011:

      Some good tips here; I would say give yourself plenty of time to revise, read through all of your notes and revision material and try mock tests!