• Question: Have you ever found Religion and Science working together? Thanks

    Asked by hassan to Tom, Sarah on 24 Jun 2011. This question was also asked by hamil13.
    • Photo: Tom Crick

      Tom Crick answered on 18 Jun 2011:

      This is a tough question — I’m not religious so maybe I’m not the best person to answer!

      What do you think about science and religion and how they work together?

    • Photo: Sarah Thomas

      Sarah Thomas answered on 24 Jun 2011:

      I think that in a lot of ways religion and science do work together.

      One of my friends says that science is the laws that God put into nature. And that are we study science, what we are actually studying is the fine details of Gods creation. I think if you take this approach then science and religion are perfectly compatible.

      Science and religion don’t have to be in conflict, but it depends on how literal your beliefs are. For example if you believe that God created everything in 7 days, then you are not going to agree with theories about the big bang and evolution. And you would think that any evidence that support those theories is lies or simply incorrect.

      I think that science requires faith too! On that same subject, I believe that the big bang theory is a sensible explanation for the development of our universe – however! I do not understand all the complex measurements and maths and physics that support this theory and provide evidence for it – therefore I have to take it on faith from scientists that understand that stuff better than me!

      The main way that religion and science work together is that the main messages of religion are about caring for those around you, putting other people’s welfare over your own, being motivated, being inspired, working hard – these are all things you need to do if you are going to be a good scientist and really make a difference.