Question: When the earth is round do we live inside or outside it ??

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  1. Maybe we live on it? Outside the crust, but inside the atmosphere perhaps?


  2. I would say we live outside the Earth and us and our buildings etc are held there by the Earth’s gravity.


  3. Hmm… quite a thought-provoking question. I agree with Tim, that it depends a bit on what you mean by “earth”. Certainly, we are inside the atmosphere and, also important, inside the magnetosphere. But we live “on” the surface, which means we are outside of the earth’s crust and oceans.


  4. Difficult one. I was going to say on it, but we also often go into it (like for mines or to build the foundations of houses or in submarines, etc. Maybe we should just say we co-exist with it and so we need to make sure we take care of it.


  5. We live on and under the Earth’s crust, but since we are dependent on the atmosphere to support life, maybe we can say we live inside the Earth!



  1. Thanks for answerd question !