Question: What is a mosaic image?

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  1. A mosaic is the art of creating images using small pieces of coloured glass, stone, or other materials.

    There are some excellent examples of mosaic images online…


  2. Images made up of small pieces. The romans used to make lots using tessera, small peices of colourd stone paced in a pattern.


  3. Images made up of small pieces of just about anything! Recently there was a museum curator who made a mosaic of her mother-in-law entirely out of pieces of burnt toast!!



  1. Like the others said, a mosaic is an image made up of little dots, or tiles or even other pictures.

    However, in astronomy, microscopy and various other sciences, it is a term used to describe images that have been combined to form a larger image.

    To explain that, it really needs pictures. So I’ve written a separate article to explain it to you. Here’s the link: